Story matters. Story is powerful. Story brings change.ats-logo-email_500


WE ARE STORY-FORMED – “We believe the whole story of God brings clarity to who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him.”

WE ARE DISCOVERY-BASED – “We believe that a discovery-based approach to the Bible provides the best opportunity for people to engage with God.”

WE ARE COMMUNITY-HEARTED – “We believe that a group of people who gather around God’s story can become a community that reflects the heart of God.”

WE ARE MISSION-FOCUSED – “We believe that mission involves any activity in word or deed that reveals the heart of God to people.”


… we see a generation ENGAGED in God’s story; EQUIPPED through God’s story; and RELEASED into communities of faith who are LIVING OUT God’s story.


… to engage people in the story of God so that they experience the reality of God, and their understanding and proclamation of the gospel is changed.

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