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Come Out

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All eyes were fixed on the hole in the side of the hill. Some people were murmuring and whispering. Most stood silent, the words of Jesus still echoing in their minds. “Lazarus, come out!” The air was thick with anticipation.               And then he appeared, still wrapped in the burial shroud. Jesus instructed some… Read more »

Who Would Say Such A Thing?

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For those sitting in the shade of the balconies, the water before them represented hope. The sick, the blind, the crippled and the paralysed. All of them here in the hope of being healed. It was said that the first person to get into the pool when the waters stirred would be healed of what ever it was that afflicted… Read more »

Crumbs From The Table

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The number of people gathering outside the modest villa on the coast was growing by the minute. People from all over Tyre and Sidon had heard that a Jewish Rabbi who had healing powers had arrived in town. In the midst of all the noise and commotion, a Greek woman was making her way through the crowd. Suddenly, there he… Read more »

The Official’s Son

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Because the Samaritan woman shared with her neighbours how Jesus new about her past and present life, the village of Sychar was transformed. Many Samaritans heard and believed. The villagers approached Jesus and repeatedly invited Him to stay with them, so He stayed with them for two days. With the words that came from His mouth, there were many more… Read more »