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It was after midnight and a biting cold wind was coming in off the hills. The guards were huddled around a small fire that was burning in the courtyard. They were so engrossed in conversation about the prisoner that had been dragged in earlier that night, that they hardly even noticed when Peter came to share the warmth. But someone… Read more »


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The howling wind whistled through the ropes so that the men had to shout at each other just to be heard. The waves seemed to be getting bigger by the minute and from time to time one would break over the gunnels, swamping the deck and wetting those on board. This was not the first storm these men had endured…. Read more »

Come Out

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All eyes were fixed on the hole in the side of the hill. Some people were murmuring and whispering. Most stood silent, the words of Jesus still echoing in their minds. “Lazarus, come out!” The air was thick with anticipation.               And then he appeared, still wrapped in the burial shroud. Jesus instructed some… Read more »

The Return Home

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His instruction to those who had travelled with him was to leave Jerusalem and return home to Galilee. They spent another week in the city before setting off home. As they walked the now familiar road back to Galilee, the events of the past few weeks played through their minds… The triumphal entry into Jerusalem and the anticipation of the… Read more »

Hushed Silence

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As I made my way up the hill, the crowd pushed in on me from every side. The mood was frantic. Everyone, it seemed, was talking about what had happened in the past week. John the Baptiser was dead. Murdered. And now we were without a teacher. And so here we were, looking for the one he had spoken about…… Read more »


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The terrible news spread like wildfire.  John the Baptist was dead.  Murdered. A shining light had been violently snuffed out, leaving many people without a teacher. The crowd didn’t know what to do, but they knew who to turn to. If only they could find him. Just days before, the disciples of Jesus had returned from their very first mission… Read more »

Who Would Say Such A Thing?

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For those sitting in the shade of the balconies, the water before them represented hope. The sick, the blind, the crippled and the paralysed. All of them here in the hope of being healed. It was said that the first person to get into the pool when the waters stirred would be healed of what ever it was that afflicted… Read more »

Crumbs From The Table

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The number of people gathering outside the modest villa on the coast was growing by the minute. People from all over Tyre and Sidon had heard that a Jewish Rabbi who had healing powers had arrived in town. In the midst of all the noise and commotion, a Greek woman was making her way through the crowd. Suddenly, there he… Read more »